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 Era ^-^

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Era ^-^ Empty
PostSubject: Era ^-^   Era ^-^ EmptySun May 26, 2013 9:26 am

eyes: grey with silver specks in them turn red when in danger
Hair: kind of skaterish, but not always in her eyes, goes from red to white or black in danger
skin: pale olive skin
Height: about 5`7 5'6ish
Clothes: bright red converse, shredded skinny jeans, black v neck tee shirt, red zip-up hoodie that's never zipped up.
Wings: fully black, except for a ring of silver on the end of each feather. About 18-19 feet at full stretch.

Era used to be human at one point before her family was slaughtered and she was taken by the arch demon samayza. in time they somehow became one person who share both mind and body when she was killed in a fight trying to escape from him. ever since, era is immortal and has many different abilities. Now she wanders going from place to place only with samayaza to keep her company.

she has no weaknesses other than the fact that if she uses enough energy, shell go into a comotose state and not wake for days at a time.

when she is in danger from a big enough threat, samayaza will take over her body and slaughter anything in sight messily. the more of a realationship that they have the more horrific it will be.
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Era ^-^
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