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 Keisha the Flying Cat

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PostSubject: Keisha the Flying Cat   Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:58 am

Name: Keisha
Nicknames: None.
Age: Unknown.
DOB: Unknown.

Hobbies: Flying around at night, no matter the weather conditions.
Job: Hunting.
Relations (Family): None.
Relations (Spouses): None.
Best Friends: None.
Pets: None.

Accent: American.
Clothes: Dark purple shirt, black pants, white pendant.
Distinguishing Features: Fur is all purple, with the exception of her muzzle, paws, feet, and tip of tail, which are all neon-green. Also has angel-like neon green wings.
Special Abilites: Can bend reality, shoot magic, fly, and hold up magical barriers, but only with limited magic that is replenished by either sleep or moonlight.
Likes: Moonlight, flying, rain, shadows, night, freedom.
Dislikes: Day, crowds, civilization, rules.
Fears: None.
Habits: Tends to avoid others whenever possible. Can be stubborn, but is also kind and reasonable.

Where does your character live?: Various places.
How was your character brought up?: A science lab.
Where does your character come from?: The splicing of the genes of a cat and bird, but oddly close to human-size despite her genes.
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Keisha the Flying Cat
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