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 Ivrina (Finished)

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PostSubject: Ivrina (Finished)   Ivrina (Finished) EmptyThu Jul 19, 2012 12:15 am

Name: Ivrina (I-vr-ee-in-a)

Species: A half-Cheshire breed of kraferr

Age: Is around 16-17 years old; She's rather young.

Gender: A female

A slim, yet powerful kraferr in her teens and obviously used to missing a few meals as well. Blazing green hair layers ontop of waist-length raven-black and two sharp bombay cat ears with light green stripes rest at the top. Eyes the color of blazing blue fire with just a few light green flecks and a tint of gold around the pupils which are slitted like a cats. Somewhat curvy around the edges but not too much, while her muscles that ripple under her skin are not overly so, but lean and wiry like cable cords. She her home she often wears a light blue night gown and a lace collar with a mysterious silver cross clipped on it with an emerald gleaming brightly in the middle. She wears the collar often and never takes it off, while in public she wears Scene clothing, or Emo clothing and is known to dye her hair hence the green layers now. Her tail is that of a dense furred bombay mix with forest green stripes connects to her spine from the back easily.

History: Ivrina was abadoned as a child, left to face the world of myths and reality by herself when her mother and father were cruelly ripped away from her by a gang of humans. In a human world however it is hard to fight back, so she keeps away often and sticks to herself, afraid the same fate will happen again. Travelling in the woods at night where she feels safest she contemplates about whether or not humans are really evil or if...maybe just maybe they aren't evil at all.

Transformation: She can shapeshift but only into a house cat and only when she's too weak to keep up in her human like form. When she's powerful however she changes into a rather erractic talking cheshire mix with stripes that range form lime green to forest green along her body. Her eyes change their color to being a crzed electric blue.

Vanishing: Since she is a half-blooded Cheshire Kraferr she will often practice the ways of disappearing alone since she is not sure how to do this in public as of yet. Mist will often arise from where she stands, though it is harder than it looks due to the fact that you have to empty your mind of all things except maddness and that in itself is crazy, but that's what happens when you're dealing with a Cheshire.

Personality: Ivrina is, as said before, a wary creature of the night who prefers to live in solitude due to her past as well as her nature, but she craves knowledge and will often sneak into places such as libraries or schools at night on her haunts, to find out more about the world only to come up short because she can't read human languages. This natrually in infuriates her as well as pains her often to the point of disappearing randomly only to be found in the same place come morning. She's rather quick witted when need be, and speaks in a halting tone often, saying no more than two or three words at a time. Curiosity however plays a dangerous card in her life and will often lead her head first into trouble very often.

Sexuality: Unknown at the moment.

Hobbies: She loves to collect things she think tell a story, and will often horde things in places only she can get to, or with creatures only she can speak to. She's very protective of those things.

Sample RP post:

It was another dark night, Ivrina noted as she slipped through a deserted alleyway. The moon was covered up by the thick, navy blue clouds in the sky, leaving the ground dwellers to try and find their way around without light. Not that it was a problem for Ivrina herself, seeing as she has the perfect eyes for seeing in the dark. Her ears were pricked as she listened for any unusal sounds as her nimble fingers came to rest on her cross, her long furry tail sweeping across the ground behind her. Her firey blue eyes took in the sight of the deserted streets in front of her, with cars parked on the curb, only to be used in the morning when the humans went to work.

Humans. They were strange.

One minute they try to be your friend, the next they're screaming for your blood. Ivrina shivered lightly at the thought, but would not let her mind go down that road once more. She had a destination to get to after all.

With the praticed ease a skilled gymnist would envy, the kraferr girl flipped easily into the air and using her momentum while she still had it, jumped from wall to wall until she reached the roof of the building where she promptly began to run and leap from rooftop to rooftop, using her speed and flexibility to dodge obstacles, and hard to reach jumps that came in her way. She cautiously jumped onto a nearby telephone pole and climbed towards the wires. Her dark blue eyes were narrowed into slits as she measured how far she would need to jump to get across to the library.

When she finally figured it out, she tensed up, her wiry mucles taunt and powerful as they awaited her to spring. Above her the clouds shifted giving the moon back its stage, just as Ivrina leaped towards the other side, looking like a gloriously beautiful hunter striking her prey. She however knew not of anything watching her as she jumped onto the second Telephone pole. A smirk of pleasure found its way upon her face, only to have it turn into a frown as she spotted a light still on in the library. Fear told her to crouch from where she stood, but how could she hide in the open?

She stood there stock still as she caught sight of the shadowy figure moving through the hallways of the library.

...To Be Continued?

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Ivrina (Finished)
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