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 Jak the genie

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PostSubject: Jak the genie   Jak the genie EmptySat Jul 17, 2010 4:55 am

b]Name:Jak ???
[b]Species:free genie
[b]Appearance:sorry no pic)shaggy white hair and slightly blue skin and blue eyes.Likes to where a tie dye hoodie at all times
[b]History:Jak was a five year old genie when a young man rubbed the lamp.Jak was only five and couldn't grant much so the man let him free since he was no use.Jak slowly developed his powers as he traveled around the world he stopped at america.He is there now
[b]Powers:Jak can fly and grant a wish a day.
[b]Personality:Jak is a very optimistic person but of course he is a genie.He would feel very bad to say no to some one so he is a bit of a push over.He is quick to stop a fight.He can be stress easily if others are stressed.He would never hit some one unless they really really deserved it.
[b]Sample RP post:Jak was trying to make a soda can."C'mon just one coke please"he said to himself.After two minutes of straining it came."Yes!"he said triumphantly.He grabbed the coke can and.."Man,it's empty!"
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Jak the genie
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