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 Jonah Krint (incomplete)

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PostSubject: Jonah Krint (incomplete)   Jonah Krint (incomplete) EmptyTue Jun 22, 2010 12:03 am

Name: Jonah Krint
Species: Skelgor (Slow aging humanoids with the ability to control their own bones and heal much quicker than humans.)
Age: 64
Gender: Male
Appearance: Physically, Jonah looks about 19. He has brown hair that hangs straight down to his shoulders at the back, with a few messy locks hanging in front of his eyes. He has pale skin and his body is covered in small lumps. He has blue eyes and a nearly lipless mouth. His head is long and narrow, and his nose is small, nearly completely flat. He is incredibly thin andlooks extremely like a skeleton, like most Skelgors. He wears a loose white t-shirt and black pants, both of which are pretty faded and worn out. Both look like they've been repaired numerous times from rips in the cloth.
History: Jonah was abandoned at an orphanage when he looked about two weeks old (based on how he aged later in life he guessed that he was about two and a half months old). Originally, Jonah and everybody else thought he had some genetic deformity that slowed his growth. When he was thirteen (he looked about four), he was out with one of the people from the orphanage when they were attacked by a gang of thieves. The men accidently killed the orphanage worker and were going to kill Jonah. In an adrenaline fuelled state of panic, he discovered his powers and killed them all when spikes of bone erupted from his body.

When Jonah came to his senses, the corpses surrounding him drove him insane and he deceived himself into believing that he had been the son of one of the gang members and that the dead orphanage worker had killed them, which had caused him to react and kill her. He also believed that he had always been aware of his abilities. He ran to the gang's "hideout" and upon discovering a family inside, he killed them, believing them to be police. Over the next fifteen years or so, he stole for a living and killed dozens of people. He was never identified but became a Jack the Ripper style killer, known as the Pincushion, after the state he left his victims in.

Eventually, he forced too many bones through his skin and fainted from blood loss before the wounds healed over. He was found and taken to hospital before he could wake up. When he did wake up, the doctors asked who his parents were and he told them that he didn't have any. After a lot of deliberation, he was sent to an orphanage where he planned to break out as soon as possible.

The orphanage was the same one he had left fifteen years before and the deja vu eventually fixed his memory, although he was still partly insane. He broke out and immediately went to the police station to turn himself in, although he claimed that he had only killed one person. Naturally they didn't believe and so, still insane, he stabbed one of the police officers on the spot. The rest quickly placed him in a cell and planned to have somebody come and look at him to see if they could find the source of his power.

Unfortunately for them, Jonah's insanity caused another change of opinion and he easily broke out and fled the city. Over the years, he spent most of his time in the wild, living like an animal, and only occasionally went into cities or towns. He eventully regained the rest of his sanity, but still lived with the guilt of having murdered dozens of people.
Powers: Osteokinesis: This is his ability to control his bones. This allows him to form weapons, shoot them from his body like bullets, grow new bones, reshape any bone in his body, make them harder than titanium or hollow them out to make himself lighter. He loses the ability to control his bones when they are removed from his body, so when using them as projectiles he has to fire them with quite some force. He can grow extra limbs, tails and wings from bone and can form a nearly indestructable layer of bone to serve as armour.

Advanced Healing: He can heal from minor wounds within minutes, and serious wounds within hours. This also slows down the aging process.

He can also sew very well, which comes in handy when his bones cut through his clothes.

Personality: As can be expected, Jonah is very unstable emotionally. He is generally very solemn and depressed and he attempts to isolate himself from others whenever possible. When forced to have conversations with others he is generally very short tempered and will get angry easily. Despite this, he does protect others despite the risk to himself, as some sort of penance for his past, and prefers to intimidate others than actually hurt them whenever possible.
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Jonah Krint (incomplete)
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