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 A few questions for a bit of fun

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PostSubject: A few questions for a bit of fun   Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:57 pm

Answer these questions as four of your characters:

A. How old are you?
C. You got any bad habits?
D. You a virgin?
E. Who's your mate/spouse?
F. Have any kids?
G. Favourite food?
H. Favourite ice cream flavour?
I. Killed anyone?
J. Hate anyone?
K. Any secrets?
L. Love anyone?
M. What is your job?
N. Are you a boy or a girl?
O. Favourite season?
P. Who's your best friend?
Q. Favourite Drink?
R. So...what are you gonna do now that this tag is over?

Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling,
By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
"Though thy crest be shorn and shaven thou," I said, "art sure no craven,
Ghastly, grim, and ancient raven, wandering from the nightly shore.
Tell me what the lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore."
Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

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High Priestess

Number of posts : 9316
Age : 24
Location : Outside, staring at the sky, wondering.
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PostSubject: Re: A few questions for a bit of fun   Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:24 pm

Shadow, Merlas, Vrael and Neku

How old are you?
Shadow: Round about three hundred and forty...
Merlas: Old... older than you anyway.
Vrael: I ceased noting my age after my 900th year.
Neku: 12

Shadow: Please tell me you're kidding... I don't even know you!
Merlas: You hug me, I bite you.
Vrael: *Raises an eyebrow*
Neku: Ok *sniggers*

You got any bad habits?
Shadow: A couple.
Merlas: Sneezing on people?
Vrael: Yes...
Neku: No, I'm an angel!

You a virgin?
Shadow: Depends, I don't know if I got it back when I reincarnated...
Merlas: I've got five foals, what do you think?
Vrael: I do not think that is an appropriate question to be asking.
Neku: I'm 12!

Who's your mate/spouse?
Shadow: A crystal demon called Ilrune... *blushes*
Merlas: No one at the moment.
Vrael: She's gone...
Neku: I'm 12!

Have any kids?
Shadow: Yes, twin girls.
Merlas: Five.
Vrael: One adopted.

Favourite food?
Shadow: Pancakes
Merlas: Meat, preferably living just before I eat it.
Vrael: I don't eat.
Neku: Everything.

Favourite ice cream flavour?
Shadow: Mint/chocolate
Merlas: Don't eat it.
Vrael: I don't eat, remember?
Neku: Anything extremely sugary...

Killed anyone?
Shadow: Plenty
Merlas: A few...
Vrael: Only to survive.
Neku: IT WASN'T ME!!

Hate anyone?
Shadow: A few people.
Merlas: Yeah
Vrael: Yes.
Neku: No...

Any secrets?
Shadow: I guess. Kinda hard when you live in a family of mind readers.
Merlas: No
Vrael: Everyone has their secrets.
Neku: Nope!

Love anyone?
Shadow: My fiancÚ, Ilrune...
Merlas: I used to love a young colt, but it ended a long time ago.
Vrael: Yes... but she has left...
Neku: Maybe...

What is your job?
Shadow: Princess of Aspheri, Ruler of darkness.
Merlas: Head of a herd, that's enough responsibility.
Vrael: I am a medic.
Neku: Chief... PRANKSTER!

Are you a boy or a girl?
Shadow: Girl
Merlas: Female
Vrael: Male
Neku: I'm a girl!

Favourite season?
Shadow: Winter, definitely.
Merlas: Summer, the sun on my wings.
Vrael: I have no favourite season.
Neku: Winter, there are so many things you can do with snow and ice.

Who's your best friend?
Shadow: Hm...Bart and Dominique Kraferr, my sister Raven, Merlas...
Merlas: Shadow I guess.
Vrael: My twin, Shaeman.
Neku: People say that being my best friend is dangerous. I wonder why.

Favourite Drink?
Shadow: Water.
Merlas: Water.
Vrael: Blood, preferably human or stag.
Neku: Anything with a lot of sugar and caffeine.

So...what are you gonna do now that this tag is over?
Shadow: I have to get back to Aspheri before someone decides to do something stupid.
Merlas: I have a foal to educate.
Vrael: Read, I suppose.
Neku: Not telling you!

Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling,
By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
"Though thy crest be shorn and shaven thou," I said, "art sure no craven,
Ghastly, grim, and ancient raven, wandering from the nightly shore.
Tell me what the lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore."
Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

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PostSubject: Re: A few questions for a bit of fun   Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:50 pm

Erelx Lusari.
Lear (& Umbre).

A. How old are you?

Erelx: Does it matter? I'm old enough.
Tiell: Age is naught for me.
Damascus: Older than you can imagine.
Lear: We're both 14.


Erelx: *points MK* GET AWAY FROM ME.
Tiell: Will you please not touch me?
Damascus: ...Demon.
Lear: My mom always told me to never trust strangers.

C. You got any bad habits?

Erelx: Bad habits? Only for scum like you, yeah.
Tiell: Maybe... I wouldn't want to have the acknowledgement of any of them, though.
Damascus: *sticking blade out of bleeding corpse* What?
Lear: Well, I sometimes forget what you just said...

D. You a virgin?

Erelx: You must be kidding me.
Tiell: I hope.
Damascus: Women have already entered my life, and left it.
Lear: *blushing* Y-Yes! Of course I am!

E. Who's your mate/spouse?

Erelx: I would shoot you dead right now, but, unfortunately, this is just a bunch of words.
Tiell: I prefer to not have any.
Damascus: When you're this handsome and charismatic, you can get any woman you want. But Vladimir's an idiot.
Lear: We're children! How come you think of such things?!

F. Have any kids?

Erelx: *scoffs* No way.
Tiell: I would be incapable of actually taking care of them without killing them within their first few seconds to the light.
Damascus: No.
Lear: I just said that we're kids!

G. Favourite food?

Erelx: Freshly killed corpses. Tastes like chicken, aye.
Tiell: I only feed off blood.
Damascus: How humiliating... Peanuts. Shut up, or you'll get a blade through your head.
Lear: Umbre and I both agree that chicken meat is the food of gods.

H. Favourite ice cream flavour?

Erelx: If there was lead flavor, I'd take it.
Tiell: This is becoming quit useless.
Damascus: Aaaambrosiaaaaa.
Lear: Strongest mint anyone can find.

I. Killed anyone?

Erelx: Stopped counting after 200.
Tiell: Yes, I have... I limit myself, but I was hungry.
Damascus: Demons, you better watch out. I'm in town.
Lear: N-No! I've never killed anyone!

J. Hate anyone?

Erelx: Hate anyone who isn't my ally.
Tiell: I do not hate, but nor do I care about any of them.
Lear: ... My father...

K. Any secrets?

Erelx: If I told you, wouldn't be a secret, aye?
Tiell: Oh, har, har, har, Erelx. Bad comeback.
Erelx: You try thinking of any, numbskull.
Tiell: I'm sorry, I do not enter in a battle of wite against an unarmed opponent.
Erelx: I'll kill you one day.
Tiell: How can you kill one who already has no life left in his body?
Damascus: I can give you a few examples.
Lear: *scoots away*

L. Love anyone?

Erelx: Er... I still do, yes, but I haven't seen him in years...
Tiell: Love is nigh.
Damascus: Aaaah, yes, of course I do... The most beautiful thing in these lands...
Lear: No, not yet... I'm too preoccupied saving my brother.

M. What is your job?

Erelx: Contract assassin. I'm good at it.
Tiell: A job? I have no need for any. I roam.
Damascus: Demon slayer. Class A.
Lear: I'm a child, I still don't have any job, although I would like to be a doctor...

N. Are you a boy or a girl?

Erelx: I was hoping you wouldn't ask that.
Tiell: As far as I'm concerned, I'm male.
Damascus: A guy, duh.
Lear: Well, my brother's technically a boy, and I'm a girl. Logical.

O. Favourite season?

Erelx: Winter. You can't even see strikes coming, because of the snow. Adds a little bit of fun.
Tiell: That must be winter... Cold...
Damascus: Fall, honestly. Leaves falling just like the demons next to me. Nyaahaahaaaa...
Lear: Summer. I can finally get out in a shirt.

P. Who's your best friend?

Erelx: Best friend? What's that?
Tiell: Comradeship is nigh.
Damascus: He's very, very far away.
Lear: I haven't seen her since primary.

Q. Favourite Drink?

Erelx: Any kind of alcohol. The stronger the better.
Tiell: The liquid which flows in your body.
Damascus: Aside from holy water, I would guess that would be... Melting an ice cube in your mouth.
Lear: Hmm... Water is fine for me.

R. So...what are you gonna do now that this tag is over?

Erelx: Can you stand right next to that target?
Tiell: I shall wander once more.
Damascus: Back to killing for me.
Lear: *already away*

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PostSubject: Re: A few questions for a bit of fun   Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:39 am

Diaes: So, how old are you?

Me: I am seventeen, going on eighteen (singsonging, to the tune of "I am sixteen going on seventeen" from the sound of music.)
Fenwick: *Counting on his toes* Now, let's see, that's about... Four and carry the five... 102, give or take...
Serenity: 28
Jinja: Ever contemplated tearing out someone's liver through their nostrils?
Fenwick: You know? It's funny that you should ask-
Me: Just answer the question.
Jinja: Twenty Eight

Diaes: *smile slowly stretches across his face as he reads the question* Would you like a hug?

Me: Are you the one giving it?
Fenwick: And we've hardly met...
Serenity: I'd much rather not, thank you.
Jinja: Open up those arms, Big Guy!

Diaes: *Licks his lips* You got any bad habits?

Me: No, mebbe, alright, I admit it. *breaks down sobbing on the floor*
Fenwick: Are you alright? Hm? Oh, yes, I have one or two of my own nasty habits, I suppose.
Serenity: Habitual actions cause stagnation in the actor, it is best to develop as few patterns as possible.
Jinja: You didn't answer the question.
Serenity: No.
Jinja: Is killing people a bad habit?

Diaes: *taking a sip of coffee, nearly chokes while reading the question. Can't stop snorting out laughter.* Are you a virgin?

Me: *gags* What the He-YES! Of course!
Fenwick: Not for some time, no...
Serenity: *smiles to herself*
Jinja: Say what?

Diaes: Who's your mate and or spouse?

Me: Who wrote these questions!?
Diaes: *raises an eyebrow*
Me: *looks at hands* I don't have one, either...
Fenwick: I'm afraid my wife died some years ago, and since then I've not been active romantically or sexually.
Serenity: His name is Septimus.
Jinja: How would that even work...?

Diaes: Have you any children?

Me: Not as it stands, not unless you guys count.
Fenwick: That's really an interesting notion. No, I've not any children of my own.
Serenity: I am incapable of breeding.
Jinja: You dodged the question again.
Serenity: No.
Jinja: As death, I have never propagated. I merely am.

Diaes: What is your favorite food?

Me: Um... I uh... I like fruit?
Fenwick: There's this little diner near Happy Dale, they serve the MOST delicious flapjacks I've ever tasted in my life. It's like a slice of heaven!
Serenity: Eating is not a requirement of my functions. However, *looks at the cookie* I have always been partial to sweets...
Jinja: Flesh *he glares back* human... flesh!

Diaes: Your favorite ice cream flavor?

Me: I actually just like straight vanilla, the home-made kind...
Fenwick: Pecan, with chocolate and peanut butter fudge swirl.
Serenity: What is, 'ice cream'?
Jinja: Sugar,B****, it's sugar... I like sugar flavored sugar with sugar on top!

Diaes: Have you ever killed anyone?

Me: Does almost count?
Fenwick: I'm afraid so... I mean that I've killed people not that I am ratifying your statement. *nods at me politely*
Serenity: Yes.
Jinja: H*** YEAH!

Diaes: Ever hated anyone before?

Me: Unfortunately, yes...
Fenwick: I can't say as I have.
Serenity: Is hatred gained in the past five minutes valid?
Jinja: Ooh, someone's getting feisty!

Diaes: Have you any secrets?

Me: Yes, and they'll remain that way.
Fenwick: Oh, of course I have my secrets.
Serenity: My very being is made up of a web of secrets.
Jinja: You're one to be asking that kind of a question! *At Diaes*
Diaes: *smiles back*

Diaes: Do you love anyone?

Me: It depends upon you definition of love...
Fenwick: I believe we're shooting for romance, Dear Boy.
Me: Right then, not at present, no...
Fenwick: I'm afraid that I am not romantically engaged either.
Serenity: His name is Septimus.
Jinja: She's about yea high and yea wide, with gumdrop buttons for eyes-OF COURSE I'M NOT IN LOVE! I'M THE ******* GRIM REAPER FOR ****** SAKE!

Diaes: What is your occupation?

Me: I'm a librarian? And I write a bit on the side, but I don't get paid for that...
Fenwick: I'm a psychologist for the criminally insane.
Serenity: I'm a military free agent that operates as an assassin and a regional commander alternately when I am called to either post by the circumstances.
Jinja: I'm Death, I end lives...

Diaes: Are you of male or female physicality?

Me: Now I know that's not how the question was written.
Diaes: I was more specific.
Me: You should probably stick to the script.
Jinja: Answer the question.
Me: Bite me-Aaagh! Male...
Fenwick: I'm male.
Serenity: Female.
Jinja: You sure? *at Serenity*... I'm as masculine as it gets! *flexes his cookie arms*

Diaes: Your favorite season of the year?

Me: Fall, hands down, windy and cool...
Fenwick: I must admit, fall is also my favorite season.
Serenity: Winter on Jannasija provides the best climate for offensives against either side of the clonoid/human conflict, and is thus most desirable.
Jinja: Hey, what a coincydink! Me and the clockwork chick agree on something!

Diaes: Who would you consider your closest companion?

Me: Well, I used to have just one close friend, but now the list is growing. For now we'll just say that I consider both Elmo and Nyx to be my closest friends.
Fenwick: I'm afraid I don't really have any friends that I would consider that close.
Serenity: His name is Septimus.
Jinja: You are a freaking robot aren't you?

Diaes: What is your favorite drink?

Me: Uhhhhh... I... like... Water?
Fenwick: Honestly, I like a well aged wine, generally red, but only once every while.
Serenity: There is a drink where I come from made from the juice of a fruit which grows on a tree. It's name is foreign to you, but it is sweet and yet bitter, and utterly delicious, though a delicacy now and a rare one.
Jinja: Liquid sugar...

Diaes: I would like to conclude the interview by asking what your immediate plans are?

Me: It's over? Well, that was fun... I'm probably gonna go make something happen one the board with you and Cale... What's it called? Under Pursuit?
Fenwick: That sounds about right. I've got a patient to attend to before looking in on our mutual friend. *at Diaes*
Serenity: I intercepted a command to send a clonoid assassin who has been sent after my personal target, designated Echo, and I'm going to stop it before the bungling fool that the council is sending damages my puppet.
Jinja: I think I'm in love...
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PostSubject: Re: A few questions for a bit of fun   

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A few questions for a bit of fun
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