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PostSubject: Akhlys   Akhlys EmptyFri Mar 19, 2010 12:22 am

Name: Akhlys, Death-Myst

Species: Somewhere in between a spirit and a Greek goddess who was stripped of most of her powers

She appears to be more or less 30 years old, when one would try to determine her age, that person would find himself having a hard time guessing it. One moment she gives the impression to be really young, other times she looks very old, tired and it seems as if the weight of many centuries that slowly trickle further was forcefully laid on her shoulders.

Gender: Female

She can change her appearance as she sees fit, however, she can’t turn into anything else than her own form. Akhlys can only alter herself to a much younger, older, neater, etc. version. However, she cannot change her ‘true’ form; the way her untouched appearance looks in a humanoid form, although she technically is this particular clouding over the eyes of a dying person, and not only that, but misery and sadness as well. Her hair is of this intense dark brown colour. The large curls reach the middle of her back. She generally wears a typical classic Greek garment. (her clothing is very similar to what the woman on the right is wearing) The strange thing is that it seems to be made of shadows and this dark inky sort of mist, yet it covers her body like a normal cloth would. Her eyes possess this piercing green colour. It seems that wherever she goes, the general mood and tension somehow darken a bit; a certain melancholy always accompanies her.

Will gradually be revealed as I roleplay with her. What should be known now is that her presence is not welcomed any longer by the other gods and goddesses, nor do the titans want her close. In other words; Zeus banned her away. There is perhaps one being, maybe two, that would desire her return. Though in the end, no one dares to defy Zeus. She wanders around in the human realm for she naturally cannot go back, and also because she longs for vengeance. A thing that she believes will only be achieved here on earth.

-Akhlys technically is immortal, although she tries her best to stay in the realm of the living, for if she was to die, all sorts of complications would show up. The woman would end up being with the gods again and would certainly receive her punishment. The divine gods and goddesses are allowed to commence the punishment whenever she shows up again.
-She has this ability that allows her to travel unnoticed and rapidly because of the dark myst that she ‘commands’.
-Poison is not something that she does not use; when she was still accepted with the gods, Akhlys had the reputation to be skilled at creating all sorts of poisons with various effects and methods to take one’s life or cause another thing.

She is hateful, sadistic, perhaps mad, bloodthirsty, shameless and consumed by rage. Misery and sadness are naturally part of her, however, these emotions seem to be repressed by the general rage that has taken over the female.
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