Welcome to all mystical creatures! Who dares to walk among the humans? Or who hides in the forests and lakes of this site? We shall find out...
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 -:Shadow & Mist:-

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PostSubject: -:Shadow & Mist:-   Fri Mar 12, 2010 11:09 pm

The dense leafing of the trees rattled gently as a breath of wind slid through it, before dropping delicately to the ground and greedily caressing pale thin legs. Loose, baggy trousers scraped quietly against the ground, brushing small pebbles out of its way as the form walked. A long, dark shadow twisted its way around the flore of its surroundings, slithering without making any sound. It was stuck to these two feet, which ever so calmly paced onwards into the depths of the forest. Leaves were magically pushed away by the brushing of the shadow. A white feather, stuck in the girl's bandanna, twitched as the wind blew threw it, entwine itself deeper into her pitch black hair. Delicate blue eyes stared straight forwards, a skeletal hand holding a large black tome with silver edges. A purple ribbon hung out, stuck between the mass of pages of the heavy-looking book.
Lear suddenly stopped and glanced around, Umbre slowly coiling around her feet as she stopped. She let out a quiet sigh, before turning her head and sitting down on a fallen tree trunk. She made herself comfortable, before opening the tome on her lap, pointing to the words where she had previously stopped. She then suddenly rolled her eyes, before glaring at Umbre.
"Umbre, you know that I have to read this," she murmured. Her shadow just crossed its arms, and Lear shrugged half-heartedly. "Look, Umbre, this book might have the answer to how to get you out of there."
Lear lifted one eyebrow. "What are you insinuating?" she asked grudgingly.

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-:Shadow & Mist:-
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