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 Belth Grimmore.

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Name: Belth Grimmore.
Species: Human.
Age: 24.
Gender: Male.
Belth Grimmore is a man with, at first glance, a fairly frail body. His skin is fair and his eyes glassy. Belth's hair has the image as if it had been petrified in the 'morning wake-up' state for years, and had accumulated whatever it did and seemed decaying. Belth's hair was originally of a fiery, lively orange, but the color seemed to have dulled with time. Fringes of his hair have been dyed in either a dark purple color or a vivid red for highlights. Under Belth's eyes is a slight shade of purple, either due to bad makeup or bad sleeping, it's quite hard to say. Dark lips of an ebony color give him a noble allure, even though the rest screams quite the opposite. His thin ears are hidden behind the hair which curls very slightly at its ends. Belth's chin is pointed, and his nose seems to have been blunted at the end. Belth's neck is thin, melting into the form of his body very delicately. His skin seems to be stretched upon his face, seeming very tense and not relaxed at all. It is the same on his torso and on the rest of his frame. His arms are very elegant and graceful in their movements, his long fingers curving along with the rest of its shape marvelously. Belth's legs, wiry, show also great calves and ankles, being slim and strong from the repeated jumps he does. Belth wears a long-sleeved sand-yellow shirt, along with leather gloves which reach up to slightly below his elbows. On the shirt, seems to have been painted, with a chaotic black color having been slapped with a messy brush. It doesn't say anything particular, nor does it show anything concrete. A pair of ripped and dirtied jeans adorns the bottom half of his body, letting the observer to guess the strokes which form the shape of his legs. A pair of resistant black shoes envelop his feet, and have been blunted and scratched with use. Around his neck, Belth has a necklace which comes from his sister. It shows a golden hammer and a silver nail. This is a metaphor of choice – if you hit the nail one way, it'll go straight in and you can keep on hitting it. Although, if you hit it the wrong way, the nail will be deformed and you will need to subdue to more complex positions in order to get the nail back straight, or just keep hammering as it is, deforming it more and more.

Belth Grimmore didn't really live an extraordinary life in his childhood. Rejected from almost the quasi-totality of his family life, from his elder brother and sister and his parents, he soon taught to himself to be what he wished to be and to choose his own path. His father, having a fairly poor job, didn't gain enough money to properly take care of a family of five. His mother left his family, when Belth was six years old, to live with another man back in what was left of Colorado in 2262. His father, siblings lived in the coast of Oregon for seven more years. Belth's elder brother was forced into the army and was killed two days later. His sister, however, was the only person who could help his father in the house work. Belth had no capacity whatsoever to help his father, who he then grew to resent. He felt rage and demise fill his body at every glance he accorded to his father, and it only accumulated with time. By using a pointed stick, water and mud, he was able to do simple paintings on any surface, to let go of his emotions, to release what has been caged until now. He continued doing so, day and night, forcing himself to liberate his feelings implicitly. He did not wish any harm to beat down on what was left of the family. His sister, however, was the only reason why Belth did not forget that he was there, living. She cared for him greatly. Frequent were the time when Belth tiptoed out of his room and went into his sister's to sleep by her side, may it be just for the warmth of her body or the calm aura that radiated from her. The next year, his sister was forced into the army. When he saw them coming in and taking her away, as they had done with his brother, he brought up all his efforts from his weak body. Unable to do anything against the robust and sturdy soldiers, he was pushed away. His sister managed to convince the soldiers to have a word with him, and she walked over to her little brother. She sat next to his frail body, hugging him closely and giving her warmth. She ripped the necklace she had around her neck, before tying it around her brother's, muttering her last words to him.
“I give you my warmth and my light. May it shine and give both of us the strength we've always wanted to have when it'll be the time when we meet again. Farewell.”
From that day, his father started having economical problems, and Belth decided that he was the only one left to be able to do something at the age of sixteen. Belth discovered his delicate talent with his hands. Had they received experience from the brush or from any other matter, it did not do much difference to him. He started stealing from people, selling the objects in order to get money and to pay debts. As he did so, he always thought of his sister. They still hadn't received any letter concerning her death. It meant that she was still alive. He continued thieving, gradually gaining knowledge and experience. He started taking things, more valuable, both spiritually and physically. They were harder to get, kept safely in places, amongst the drops of bombs and the explosions of mines. Unfortunately, as time went by, it was a lucky day when Belth was able to bring a dirtied ring, or one earring back.
Belth's father died from a stray bullet shot when the city was under attack. Belth wasn't surprised nor shocked by the death of his father, and he just went away to live his own life. Although, deep inside, he was still searching for his sister. He strayed in no-man's land, wandered in bloody battles, and roamed endlessly amongst the ranks of soldiers, not being seen once. He never found his sister.
Years passed, and Belth grew to be a strong man, handsome in both the way of art and also deadly in the thieving realm. He had experienced every weapon there was to know of, and had killed already many times. He resided inside a building below the grounds, below the battlefield. He stood there, whenever he had to release emotion, painting, drawing or sculpting. Whether it be by the blade of a knife or by the stroke of the brush. Belth found grace and elegance come from the bullets of certain weapons, and started to make such 'art' with those tools.
When the moon had lifted but the explosions still burned the sky alight as if it were still broad day, Belth was out of his hiding place, dashing from one place to another in search of something to get. Food, a shiny object, anything. He heard the heavy stomping of an enemy regiment, and he dove into a recently destroyed building. In it, were flames, still igniting parts and pieces of the rubble. As he approached the incandescent items, Belth noticed something large under one of the boulders. He used all of his strength to push it off, revealing a completely carbonized skeleton. The skeleton had not any shape like what he had already seen. Humanoid, bird-like legs and a very elongated cranium. He didn't recognize this being at all. It was all black, and as Belth grazed his fingers over it he noticed it was still burning hot. Except this skeleton wore also an object that he had not ever seen before. A sort of golden armor, still shining, despite the coal and ashes having already fallen over it. Belth kicked the skeleton as he tried pulling the armor off, and the body turned to dust. Belth heaved up the armor, looking questioningly at it. His curiosity then hit at its peak, and he noticed that there were certain gears on the sides which could be used for adjusting them. He pulled the armor over his body, and it quickly tightened around his shape. His clothing and flesh were clenched onto by what seemed to be jaws of steel. Belth quickly wanted to take it off before it hurt him any more. He then heard the regiment walking towards the building, uttering that some of them had seen something move inside. Belth tried to find a place to hide, but everywhere he looked, he couldn't find an area where he would be able to fit himself, plus the armor. As he took a step back when he noticed the enemy regiment barge into the building, spikes and blades slashed out of the armor, forming a quick arc of electricity. A dark blue crystal, which was placed just at Belth's sternum, starting shining brightly. A wave shot out from him, smashing into the enemies and into the walls. The boulders were pushed aside, and the other soldiers were pushed against walls, a few dying from broken spines or snapped necks. Belth couldn't control his body, and he lifted his arms to a sort of cross-like formation. The building around him started to collapse and Belth wanted to make a run for it before he was crushed by the weight of the construction. Arcs of electricity formed from the crystal to his feet. A jolt of pain lifted into his body, and he soon found himself disappearing along with a few other boulders and large stones.
At the time of his reappearance, it was also night. A blue crackle snapped in space, before forming a humanoid shape. It was clothed, and once it was fully reintegrated into reality, it fell down onto the ground. Belth uttered a groan of pain as he slammed against the ground, the armor bearing supplementary weight on his body. As he opened his eyes, other stones and boulders started to appear out of nowhere, and Belth immediately stood up, dodging the stones as they smashed into each other and lodged themselves waist-deep into the ground. Belth sighed heavily, but another jolt of pain reached his head as the armor snapped. The blue crystal cracked and blew up into shards, luckily not hitting Belth once. The armor on his body fell to pieces, dropping loudly to the ground. He didn't really understand what had just happened, but a cold breeze, which was before relinquished by war, caressed his backside and made him shiver. This place was much colder than where he used to be. He looked out in front of him, perceiving two faint lights at the end of a dark hallway.
Now that he thought of it, there were also other lights around him, but these two were growing. He also found it coincidental that as the lights grew, the sound of a motor seemed to rumble. As one of the hanged lights flashed onto a vehicle of some kind, Belth immediately knew that he needed to jump out of the way. He dove sideways, rolling out against a wall. The car violently crashed into one of the boulders. Smoke emerged from the engine, and Belth lifted one eyebrow. The man inside was dead, that was for sure. Belth glanced around. These images seemed familiar. Like the ones he had read in an old book. These tall deformed statues of stone were not what he previously thought. These were buildings.
From over two hundred years ago.
Belth gulped, trying to understand what had happened to him. It must've been the armor. It must've teleported him here. He wasn't stupid. That skeleton didn't seem normal. Why did he have to wear it? Stupid stupid stupid. Belth glanced at the armor pieces. Even though it was destroyed, you could say the pieces were intact. Without being bothered by the destroyed car and slightly bashed human body, Belth started picking up the shards of crystal and the pieces of the armor. He accidentally cut his palm with one of the shards as he picked it up, but he grabbed it with his other hand and quickly sprinted away.

-What happened then, Belth barely talks about it. I'll leave it up to me to know and to you to find out.-

Belth managed to get an identity, and to get a different appearance. After his first day on Earth, he was suspected of having caused disorder in the center of a city. He knows exactly what happened and why he is here. The police were searching for a 'man with orange hair, pale skin, and awkward clothes'. Belth dyed his hair, pretends his personality and bought some new clothes. He still lives off stealing, though. He lives in a small flat in Kantienberg, Belgium, Gent. He doesn't speak Flemish very well, but at least he knows English. He has enough money to live conveniently, with a lot of art material, and enough weapons to survive. He keeps his firearms in a locked cupboard, of course.

Powers: Belth, being a completely normal human, does not have any power which could differ from one to the other, except maybe for a better eyesight than most and better hearing capacities. He also has good dexterity and is very agile with his hands. Belth knows English as a main language, although he understands very little of Flemish and a bit of French and German. He also knows how to lip-read, and to speak in sign language.

Belth, even though having changed time and placed, kept his personality, the only 'flesh' memory of him that he could keep of what he was before. Belth is someone who doesn't socialize well, keeping himself restricted from others, tainted by his father's hate and his hatred towards him. He only shows what he wants to show, or almost only. If you took an image of social life, and exaggerate it a little, Belth would be represented best by the person who only wears black, in the dark corner of a bar. An uneasy aura surrounds him, normally driving others away at first glance, or at first words. He unleashes and expresses himself through the art he creates, with the weapons he uses. Even though Belth seems to be one of the coldest people around, it does not mean he is uninterested by what is around. Beauty, elegance and grace are three things which captivate him the most. It shows what a true human being is, despite the fact that it's living. Grace is what drives him, elegance is what he seeks, and beauty catches his eye. Which is mostly why he drove himself to the magnificence of art.

Other weird things worth mentioning: The necklace that his sister gave him when he was young has a bluish tint when lighted to red fire. Don't ask why here. You'll be able to find out by Rping.
“Instead of living and dying broken, repulsive, or anything like that, bring your life to elegance. It's the only thing that you're able to do.”

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Belth Grimmore.
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