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 Vasile Drego

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PostSubject: Vasile Drego   Vasile Drego EmptyMon Mar 08, 2010 6:16 am

Name: Vasile Manheim Pretatt Drego

Species: Human/Magician/Musician

Age: 23

Gender: male

Appearance: He is a well kept young man. He's reserved, pulled into himself, you might say. This gives the impression that he is shorter than the average guy. He's pale, but not in an unnatural way, just as though he doesn't get much sun, which he doesn't. He has long, articulate fingers, thin fingers. His hair is a bit long-ish. His body is a bit thin-ish. He prefers to wear a suit and shirt without the tie. The face is expressive, but closed.

History: Asking Vasile when he started playing would be like asking a person when they first recalled breathing. His earliest memory would probably be of some simpler arrangement of Beathoven's Fur Elise or some child's book for music, being plunked out on a full-sized Grand Piano. Music pervaded his life. He found himself good at math in academics, as many musicains do, and he didn't dislike the written language. He just preffered notes to words. Vasile was always shy and hidden away, but that isn't to say that he didn't have friends, he did, and a good life to boot. Even so, with hours of every day devoted to his heart's true desire, he never really found himself a special someone. Everyone knew that he was married to his music. Not that his life is all whiled away at this point. After all, he was only about fifteen, enrolled in a special school for his own talents and desires. The boy musician was blessed with many a fantastic teacher. Fantastic wouldn't begin to describe the woman named Deborah Alney. Her work with music was... magic. It's the only way to describe what she could do. It was she who found Vasile. His music enraptured her, she said, and she wanted to teach him a few things that would make him even better. He agreed. He learned. The learning wasn't really put to use until that day. He rushed to the hopsital. There had been a car crash. It had all been an accident. It had been a rainy sort of day to begin with and a frazzled man had taken the corner too fast. His car had contacted another car. The impact caused the hospitalization and later the death of a young woman. That young woman was the fiancée of one of Vasile's best friends. He got there before her death, but only in time to comfort his friend as she died, not an hour later. His friend cried. Vasile felt impotent. He was impotent. Afterward, he couldn't play music. It was not the first time it had happened. He had been deprived of the ability to play before, but this... This time, he wasn't just crying for himself or for something small. This time, there was an idea pounding in his skull, an idea that something could be done. So he went to see his teacher, to ask her a question. Is it possible to, maybe, play the world into a different way? Could music alter what is, maybe, even if just for a little while. She smiled. It was a little bit later, after she had had time to prepare, that they began to learn, a process that would continue even to the present day and would produce some very strange effects. After perhaps seven years of training himself in the mysteries of a new world, Vasile prepared a presentation for his good friend. One night, he brought the man into his studio, and he played a song for him. For a moment, a moment that Vasile's friend would not really remember very clearly, but that Vasile would never forget. He watched, as his fingers deftly worked out an unearthly piece of haunting music, a waltz. One of the figures who danced was indistinct and pale and feathery... Vasile looked only once, to watch the result of his work. He smiled. His friend, who had fallen into the pits of depression after the death of his loved one, died shortly afterward in what was perceived to have been a suicide. Vasile attended the funeral, he even played a song, haltingly, with many tears. But he did not give up. He knew he could change the world still. He had not seen his teacher, Miss Alney, for perhaps three or four years. She had gone to a school overseas, to teach her own unique brand of magic. He gave her a call. A day later, he was walking into the school where she worked. They resumed their studies together. He was, as always, greatly secluded, and she had her work. But they got better, together, and it was much sooner than expected that Vasile was able to play another waltz. And he saw his friend again... And he watched the man dance, with a smile on his lips and a woman in his arms.

Powers: He can play music, beautiful music. His music can tame the world to its whims. You might call it magic. Most would call it magic. He would call it music.

Personality: He's shy and quiet and yet self-confident. He's caring and tender and VERY emotional. Of course, no person is that simple, but sketching out the character of a person is impossible, and though he may be a magician, I am not, and I will not pretend to be one.

Sample RP post: Is it really necessary to have lived a life, to live a life? Questions like that plague great minds, and the least as well. But such a thing didn't ever bother Vasile and never would. No, he had no fears on that quarter. He could live just like anyone else, well, rather, in his own way, just like everyone else. Even so, the music that made up his everything hadn't ever hindered him. It had always been the support, the structure that he had seen everything in, whether or not he was playing. He liked his music, but he didn't NEED it. He had never NEEDED it... But it helped. It was his addiction, he supposed, but it didn't destroy him as it could. So he played, on days like today. A rainy day, when nothing seemed to go right. He played.
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Vasile Drego
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