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 Shadow Roth (renewal)

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PostSubject: Shadow Roth (renewal)   Shadow Roth (renewal) EmptyTue Dec 15, 2009 12:13 am

Lots of things have happened since I posted this character, changes in her powers and history, so I post this renewal!

Name: Shadow Wolf Allyssianne Roth
Species:Half demon, Half Synari (Humanoid race from another dimension).
Age: N/A, looks 15
Gender: Female

Semi Demonic Appearance.
Shadow is a tall, humanoid girl, probably about one meter eighty in height. Her hip-length hair is a sleek, coal black, highlighted by one white streaks at the front. Her eyes are angled, a deep shade of purple with cat-like pupils, and a black gem is embedded between her eyebrows. However when she gets angry and goes into demonic possession, they turn into four blood red eyes that glow faintly and have no discernable pupil or iris. Her skin is a soft ivory colour that she inherited from her mother, even though it normally looks like a deathly pallor. Her ears are also pointed, and her canines longer than normal.

She dresses in black, a pair of trousers, a figure-hugging top with slender sleeves and equestrian-like ankle boots. She nearly always has her cloak with her, a black hooded cape held up by a brooch in the shape of a spiral. At times, she discards the cloak in favour of a dark kaki green hooded jumper. She normally has a dagger strapped to her arm, or a sword at her hip.
Shadow is very slender, almost underweight, but she never feels the hunger. It was part of being a demon.

The demoness bears a great many scars, the most obvious being the half-circle scar around her right eye, and a scar that runs the length of her right cheekbone from a run in with a knife wielding demon hater. The prominent scars that remain hidden are a series of scars that criss-cross over her back, one over her (primary) heart and one that runs the length of her left arm and finally one at the base of her spine where her tail had been severed during a training session.

Human Appearance:
During her period of vunlerability, Shadow gains what would have been her appearance had she now manifested her demonic side. Her hair remains black, although minus the white streak. Her eyes turn to an icy blue, the irises rimmed by a darker shade of blue. Her skin turns pale, although it loses its greyish tint.

Wolf Appearance.

Shadow can morph into her soul self form, that of a wolf. Her wolf form is black furred, apart from a small diamond patch of white between her eyes. She stands at the same height as a normal wolf, although she seems somewhat more intelligent...

Full Demonic Appearance.
Shadow has gained an extra morph, that of her full demon. This is the form that she sometimes changes into siddenly when she gets angry. She turns into a horse-sized wolf, with black fur. However, from the crest of her head to the tip of her tail runs a flame-coloured dorsal stripe. Her paws and the tips of her ears are also red-furred, and from all the streaks of red fur, fire sprouts. She has four red eyes, and retains the patch of white between her eyes.
Shadow has a not-quite-full-demonic morph which is more of a transitionary phase. She retains the markings from her full demonic form, but the flames are extinguished and she shrinks to the size of a normal wolf.


Shadow was raised in a different dimension to this one, a dimension where demons do exist, in a place called Synairn. Her mother was tricked by a demon named Kar which resulted in her birth. From that day, she was kept away from civilization out of fear of her magic. Shadow was taught to meditate and control her powers by the Senate of Synairn, but even they could not stop her father coming to claim her... One night,when Shadow was five, her father tracked her down to where she was hidden. Her mother was staying with her that night. Once she saw him, she told Shadow to run. The girl disobeyed, she wanted to help her. Her father shot his magic at her, and her mother jumped in front of it to save her daughter. Shadow knew she was dead, and in her grief, she managed to summon a portal and pushed him through...

The senate decided that Shadow was no longer safe in that dimension, and started to arrange for her transfer to another. It was going to take a while though. During that time, she was locked in my room for her own safety as everyone knew what she was and that was unacceptable. The only thing the Senate didn't think about was one of their own deciding to take action...
Meran was always very harsh, and he decided that no half-demon had the right to live. He took her far away from the city and tried to send the six-year-old to 'hell'. She tried to run, but he kept on wounding the girl with his magic. That was the first time Shadow lost control of her powers. The first time she killed someone...

A few months after, Shadow was transfered to the other dimension, only to find that the people there were just as bad or even worse as Meran and Kar. She was schooled from the age of 15 at The Academy, a school for mythical creatures, where she met Holly, Natalie and Jamie. She lived many adventures with the trio, and eventually marrying Jamie, another part demon from a different bloodline. This, however, ended rather dramatically.

Shadow met Bart while he was on his quest for the all-teller necklace, and soon started to consider him as one of her closest friends after losing touch with Holly and Natalie. After a nearly fatal battle, SHadow had to inject some of her blood into Bart to keep him alive, but unfortunately converted a part of his blood to demonic, leaving the Kraferr as a part demon. After living her adventures with him, came her own personal adventure with death. Being a demon from a high standing demon (Karthragan), it wasn't uncommon that her life would be controlled by a prophecy. Unfortunately, this prophecy would also end her life, or so everyone thought until a lost line was discovered. She did, actually, die along with Karthragan, but the presense of the 'one', allowed her to regenerate in a sense into who she is now.

Shadow has now taken over the rule of the demonic dimension 'Aspheri', in the wake of her father, as dictated by the prophecy.


Shadow magic; allowing teleportation, defensive shields, bolts of magic and healing magic.
She cannot heal herself, and using magic is very tiring, meaning that she prefers to resort to normal combat weapons. She is vulnerable to Holy Water, silver and churches tend to make her ill.
Empathy: She can sense other people's emotions, but it also makes her incredibly vulnerable to pain.
Songs: Like most part demons, Shadow can hear the 'songs' of certain people and places, allowing her to track them. However, it is a complicated process and not one she likes to use.


Shadow Roth is secretive, normally only telling a part of the truth unless she doesn't have another choice. She treats her friends as part of her family. The demoness knows a lot that she doesn't nessecarily share. She can be a little childish or motherly, as if confused between being a child and an adult. Her empathy causes her to feel more pain than any normal human, although she has learnt to hide it and make it appear that she doesn't feel as much as she does. Shadow also has very little time for fools since she lost touch with Holly, the only fool she ever put up with.

Sample RP post:

Quote :
Shadow strode through the forests covering the mountains, her violet eyes staring out from beneath the darkness of her hood. She looked around before spotting what she was looking for. It was a great oak tree, but which had a slightly magical air around it. She strode on towards it, looking down at the thick roots. There, hidden well, was a small cavern she stayed in. It had been decorated slightly with things she had found around the forest and also a few things from the short time she spent in the cities. She looked around the cavern. It wasn't very big, maybe about 5 square meters, but it was home to her. A small bed made of grass and leaves lay in one corner, and she had hollowed out a shelf like space where five books and a photo album sat. She took down the album, sitting on her bed. She opened it, looking through moments of her past. Her twin sister, Raven. Her mother, Arella Roth. Her half brother, Shaeman Mercian, and the dimension she had lived in. She smiled as she saw a photo in the album of a nine-year-old her with a small black pegasus foal. She knew where the foal was now, and often went to see her, even though she was now a being who belonged to the nature. She put the album back on the shelf and yawned, curling up to sleep. One slightly pointed ear twitched, listening out for any danger that could approach, even though she was well hidden. She didn't like to feel unsafe.

Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling,
By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
"Though thy crest be shorn and shaven thou," I said, "art sure no craven,
Ghastly, grim, and ancient raven, wandering from the nightly shore.
Tell me what the lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore."
Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

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Shadow Roth (renewal) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Shadow Roth (renewal)   Shadow Roth (renewal) EmptyTue Dec 22, 2009 8:12 am

I greatly appreciate your taking the time to put this together. It does serve to patch some of the holes in my knowledge, at the very least, of what is most likely the single most important character on the site, no offense meant to anyone else or their characters.

I'll say it once more, thanks for the info...
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Shadow Roth (renewal)
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