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 Unwritten Past - Opening

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* Opening - Escape to the Blue Planet *

Characters: Dr. Hall Vlaskie(roughly 22[678 earth years];fullbred demon, Wither strain), Clora Greyhem(roughly 20[499 earth years];fullbred angel, fallen)

The forest was dark, and it stank like some Imp's nest. The foliage was large, and the tree trunks towered above the doctor's head. Dr. Hall broke off at a run again, following the direction light was coming from. He had to get out of here, if he was found guilty, he would be a disgrace to his entire race. No, he had to get out of here, before they found out.

After hours of runnning, Hall finally reached his destination, the abandoned cave, south of the main Rulian city. Hall sighed with relief, as he approached the empty cave. It's opening was large, and looked as if it went on forever, even though, it only went back about a hundred feet. Hall and his wife Clora had been stocking up on food and medical supplies for the last year in secret, hiding them in this cave, until the oppurtune moment. That moment, was now. Hall strode quietly into the cave, and approached his sleeping wife. She was gorgeous, a true sight to behold. Lying there asleep, she looked incredibly peaceful. Her velvet eyes were closed, and her long white hair that was almost like silk lay tangled up. It was a rough life down here, in a world not suited for such an angelic creature. Hall lay a hand gently on Clora's arm, and she awoke startled. All the peace that had been there while she was sleeping, was replaced by a fierce suprise, and a deep fear. "It's alright, Clora," Hall soothed her, "It's just me." Clora breathed heavily, and gasped for air as she recovered from her fright. "How is it coming?" Hall asked her, talking in a comforting tone. "Fine enough," she barely managed to gasp out in reply. Clora was pregnant, and the child was to be a boy. "Hall.. Are.. Are you ready?" Clora asked quietly. "Nearly," he responded. Footsteps could be heard in the distance. -And so they are here...- Hall thought to himself. Hall quickly threw up a defensive magic that shielded the view of the cave, making it impossible to see, with even the sharpest eyes. Hall was a renowned doctor for his race, and specialized with healing magic, but he had managed to learn some defensive techniques as well, although they greatly drained his energy to do so. Clora slowly used her arm to lift herself up, and managed to sit up with her back against the now pitch black cave walls. Hall slowly walked over and sat next to her, placing his arm around her. "We got ourselves into this..." Hall said quietly. "Yes. Yes we did. And I can't yet say I regret it," Clora sighed. Hall took Clora's hand in his, and noticing her racing pulse, he calmed her by reciting a line she had said to him long ago. "There is nothing to be afraid of, tomorrow will always come, we will always get through this, no matter what," He said, sighing afterwards, "I'd love to believe that". Clora leaned against him and said softly, "I do believe that, I truely do."

Hall woke the next morning to realize the barrier he had put in front of the caves entry had waned. He quickly renewed it, but only slightly, reminding himself to save his energy. "It's time," he said, waking his wife. "Alright," she said, sitting up. Hall grabbed her hand, and helped her to her feet. We still have three miles to walk before we reach the pond, hopefully they aren't still looking for us," Hall said, breaking the morning silence. Hall strapped on the backpack, and they strode out of the cave, hand in hand. They walked together, admiring the morning air, the sunrise, and the glowing grey rocks. They continued walking until the small dirt path they were following stopped abruptly. They continued on past this, but much quieter, and more cautiously. This was not a place for someone like Clora, she was prey here for anything living. Hall took a defensive position, prepared to fight off any incoming predators. They walked quickly and silently, finally arriving at a small glittering pond. Many trees hung over the edge of the pond, that should have made shadows, but oddly didn't. The grass around the pond was also the only grass in all the land that prospered this much, and the water in the pond was so pure, Hall would be burned if he touched it. A rustle was heared in the bushes to the couple's right, and both jumped with a startle. Hall quickly drew his blade, and prepared himself for battle, dropping the backpack next to the pond. The rustle came closer, and a large phantom cat leaped out of the bushes, landing gracefully in front of the pair. The cat took a menacing pose, crouching with it's teeth bared and it's tail swishing quickly. It lunged forward at Hall, but the trained Wither demon easily parried the attack, and after moving to the cat's side, thrusted the blade straight forward into the cat's belly. As the cat yelped in pain, he removed the blade and struck again, this time slicing open the beasts shoulder. This was enough for the animal, and it fled into the woods from which it came. Hall turned to Clora, and studied the expression on her face. She was obviously frightened, but refused to show it. "You ready?" Hall asked softly. "...Yes, let's leave this world behind us," Clora replied, gently stepping torwards the pond. "We'll get to the world we seek, no matter what happens." With those words still hanging in the air, they stepped together, hand in hand, into the pond. Hall grimaced in pain at the purity of the water, but he managed to keep it to himself as they walked slowly deeper. Their heads were almost submerged, and Hall glanced briefly at Clora. Their eyes met, and Clora smiled. "Our future... it is so close," she said, as they lowered their heads underneath the pond. A flash of light, and the pair were no longer in the world Hall had once called 'home'.

This is the start of a long attempt at turning Toryn's backstory into a more RP-esque format.

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Unwritten Past - Opening
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