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 RV Trip

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PostSubject: RV Trip   Tue Sep 08, 2009 6:35 am

FIRST LOG 08/29/09

Well, the quest begins!

(Hm. That's all I finished writing before the day ended. <.<;; )

SECOND LOG 09/01/09

The first two days went fairly smoothly, only one problem so far. The first day was driving for the most part, only stopping a few times for food and such. We stayed at a nice little campground, and my oldest sis and I walked around for awhile talking, it was the first time I'd talked with someone that long in a while(It's usually Whil, Nave, and I walking around the block 10-15 times). I managed to find a nice little hideout for myself that will last as mine for the rest of the trip, underneath the table. I fit pretty perfectly, and it's very comfortable. That's where I slept that night, although, unfortunetly, my feet ended up in the hallway, meaning I got stepped on more than once. The second day, we went to Creation Museum. Some of you probably know I'm Christian, so, quite simply, I believe that our world was created by one God, with no evolution at all, so the museum was pretty cool, although I liked the petting zoo, it had 'Zorses'. Zorses have become my new favorite animal in just a few short minutes. They look like donkeys, only they have stripes. The baby one was brown with black stripes, and he liked attention, so we gave it too him... Anyway, after the petting zoo, we left to the next campground, it was called 'Indian Springs Camping'. For some reason, they don't have any staff stay at the campground over night, so they used a dropbox system, which seems pretty easy to get around, just get there after they check all the sites, and leave before anyone comes back in the morning... Eh, we aren't like that anyway though. In any case, the showers were much nicer than the last's.

So, currently, it's the morning of the third day... I'm sitting at the table, listening to my sister and my mom argue over water, I think.. How random. My mom is now starting breakfast, french toast and sausage. Mmmm. My oldest sister is taking notes everywhere we go, writing down like every good quote anyone says. Ehhhhh, I'm just going to start calling my sisters by name, or, middle name sounds good. The older one is Jane, age 18, and the younger one is Lynn, age 16, and, if you can't read what it says under my avvie, I'm 14. Breakfast is almost ready, I guess I'll try and finish this up later.

THIRD LOG 09/06/09

Mmk, took me awhile to get back to writing these things, hopefully I'll do it more from now on...

About four days ago, we stopped in Indiana for the night in a 'Yogi Bear' campsite. Near this campsite was an amusement park called 'Indiana Beach', so we figured, 'Eh, why not try the place out, we've got plenty a time'. And thus, we went to an amusement park. The place was great, it had 6 roller coasters, 5 different water slides, and a bunch of smaller kiddie things we didn't care about. The roller coasters were pretty awesome, one was called Steel HAWG, the state's first 'real' steel roller coaster, it went upside down alot, with some nice drops. Then there was a couple longer wooden ones, not much to talk about, and then, there this thing called Ti'grr. It's coasters were shaped like bullets, with one person per bullet, and two bullets per train. It took you up and then rocketed you down along a bunch of turns, it was nice, but looked a lot faster than it really was. Lastly, there was a 'Superstition Mountain' thing, the cars were shaped like mine carts, and you could sit forward or backwards. I tried both, backwards was a thousand times better. The water slides were great, we went on each one more than once, although I really wanted to go swimming afterwards... Eh, at least there was this waterpark thing that had giant colorful steel things everywhere with water coming out at different speeds and types and such. The campground was nice too, practically empty, and with free wi-fi too. The next day we left for Wisconsin, one of Lynn's 'pen pals' that she met through letters lives there, and they have wanted to meet for like, 4 years I think it's been. The drive there was long, I listened to the Macross Frontier soundtrack, did school, and played Dissidia the whole way... When we got there. we hung out with her and her 19 year old brother who just got back from AIT in the National Guard. There was a football game that Lynn's pen pal( I'll call her 'Hollister' :p ) wanted us to go to so we could meet all her friends and such. So, we went. I'm no fan of sports by any means, and apparently neither is Hollister, so we ended up barely watching the game, and instead talked the whole time. Her friends were Webber, Beth, and a couple other people I didn't get names for. Hollister was crazy, Webber was crazy, and Beth was crazy, just a little quieter. But crazy is cool, I'm used to it, half my sisters friends back home are crazy too... :3

After the visit with her, we went back to the RV, stayed the night, and in the morning we all went to Hollister's grandpa's house. He has some horses there, so Holli, Lynn, and Jane rode those while my Dad, Mom, and I rode a couple ATVs for a little while. We finished before the horse riders, so we ended up sitting around for an hour waiting for them to come back. When they did, we hung out for a little bit longer, went back to the RV and Holli's house, and then took off. The rest of the day was driving and a campground.

Today, we left the campground, drove for a looong time, then stopped at the... 'Corn Palace'...? Ehhhh... Someone was bored. An entire building entirely lined with corn. I think they change the design on the ouside every year, or five years, or somethin', but a sign said it cost $130,000 every year to keep it alive. That's where our tax dollars go folks. >.< So, after more driving, we ended up in the 'Badlands'. Although, they aren't bad at all, very pretty actually. Giant. Rocks. Everywhere. The campsite we got is pretty awesome, we have an amazing view of the rocks... They're pretty freaking huge, and all those layers. Just looking at it makes it seem so much more believable that they were formed by a giant flood covering the earth, it looks kinda like someone took a whole lotta water and power slammed it into a block of loose stone, only, a whole lot bigger. In any case, the Badlands doesn't fit it, they should call it the 'Goodlands'... Em. ANYWAY. We had chicken for dinner. It was pretty tasteless... I'm a picky eater, I don't complain much, I just don't eat the food, but I ate this stuff anyway. During all the driving today, I managed to finish Dissidia's Shade Impulse story mode with Cloud. The final boss was a little difficult at level 59, so I level crunched briefly to level 66, my god he was EASY. I then proceeded to unlocking Shantotto, just cuz she's cute and funny(she rhymes every thing she says and talks with an accent. The best part was when she tricked you into thinking you could choose either answer on this multiple choice question, 'The illusion of choice' she says, throwing another rhyme after it...), but I still need to unlock Gabranth. Eh, he can wait till tomorrow. Unforunetly we don't have electicity here, which means my laptop is running on battery, which means minimal anime tonight... :/ I still need to finish Macross Frontier, it was so good. Well, the sun's goin' down, it's starting to get cold, and it's only 7:00 pm, I'm going to have to stock up on blankets tonight... hm...

Well, I guess that's it for today... Ciao~

(I feel very socially deprived already, I think I'm going to call Whilaroo or Prism, I need to speak with another male teenager! ._.)

FOURTH LOG 09/07/09

'Erro you cute fuzzy monster... :3

The Badlands were awesome. My Dad and I took the scooter up close, and we managed to climb really far up. It was awesome, pretty hard sometimes, but awesome. I've never seen so many rocks. o_o They were freaking everywhere, EVERYWHERE. I got so many in my shoes, when I lifted 'em up upside down, it was like a landslide... Lynn had slept in a tent, and Jane had slept in a hammock, apparently some deer and rabbits came to visit in the middle of the night. Our campsite was positioned first in a big ring, with a bathroom in the middle, and one a about 400 feet away down a path. The night before, Lynn, Jane, and I had stood around the bathroom while Lynn's phone charged, apparently my mum and dad were looking for us rather frantically, even though we told them where we were going before leaving... I fell asleep to Sheryl-san's concert last night, I really like the whole Macross Frontier Soundtrack, but 'Welcome to my FanClub's Night' and 'Don't Be Late' are really good songs. I like Ranka-chan singing 'What 'bout my Star' more than Sheryl-san though... And 'Ninji-n Loves you Yeah!'s a good catchy one too... I like the whole soundtrack, if it was actually available in America I'd definetly buy it...After leaving the Badlands, which I think should be called Epiclands, heck with Goodlands, we went on a Scenic Route out. It had lots more rocks. The signs all said 'Watch for Falling Rock' though, not Rocks, Rock... Ehhh... I'unno. We stopped at this place called Wall Drug, apparently it became popular because back in the day, they had free ice water, so people would come in and to get the water, and might buy something to eat, or a souvenier. Now it's more like a siteseeing giftshop. They had various stuff to buy, from books to cowboy boots, from scarfs to ninja stars, from food to jewelry, etc, etc. The ninja stars were cool, and they had 'Throwing Cards' as well, they were metal playing cards with sharpened edges... Pretty sweet, I know Prism would like those.

So, after Wall Drug, we went to Wal-mart. I bought some sun-glasses, and we got a new printer for some reason... My mom wants to print out pictures, and the printer at our house is broken, so I guess they figured now was a good time... Well, it's off to Mount Rushmore, it will be interesting to see giant faces on a mountain... Eh heh.

Well, it's nighttime. Mount Rushmore had face. Many face. ... It feels so much later than it is, two hour difference from where we live...


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RV Trip
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