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Alba Linsky
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PostSubject: Description   Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:44 pm

Originally documented in Persia, the feared, man-eating manticore, or manticora, has been sighted in places as vairied as the jungles of Brazil and Indonesia and, more rarely, the forests of North America and Europe. With the body of a large feline about the size of a linx and a tail of poisonous spikes that some reporst indicate can be shot like arrows, a manticore is a leathal predator. It eats its victims whole, using its razor sharp teeth, and leaving no bones behind.
A manticore's face is said to resemble a human's, and travelers through marshes have reported mistaking a manticore for a bearded man from a distance.
Manticores have a melodious call, like the lower notes of a flute all blown together.Despite the beauty of the sound, most animals know to flee when they hear it. Humans would do well to follow thier lead.


...Let me escape with you...
...to the dark studio...
...to the apartment with the windows...
...to the bright blue morning sky...
...to the piano, the drum set and your beautiful voice...
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