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 Elemental particles.

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Elemental particles. Empty
PostSubject: Elemental particles.   Elemental particles. EmptySat Jun 20, 2009 8:37 am

Elemental particles, also known as elementarates by the alchemists, are the invisible particles that fill our air. Elementarates are as current as oxygen, except it stays as common in height as it is on lower ground. But it may be more cluttered together in certain places, such as in magical places, or near the representation of the element itself.
An elementarate contains four eleminites, which contain the elemental power. Most of the time, these four eleminites are passive, also known as they are calm. The calm eleminites are known as calmoids b the alchemists. Calm eleminites are eleminites in which their elemental energy has been sucked out of their very form, or they are eleminites where there is no element near, which is a common thing. Calm eleminites have no power whatsoever, and can only solidify or scatter, by contracting them more or less. Beginner alchemists use calm elementarates to train themselves, but more experienced have more fun with elementarates.
More experienced alchemists used charged eleminites. Charged eleminites are eleminites which have been attributed the power of one element. There are four elements, thus four ways to charge a calmoid. One can charge a calmoid into a pyrite, the fire eleminite, an aquite, the eleminite of water, a territe, the eleminite of earth, or into an aerite, the eleminite of air. Charging calmoids into charged eleminites will grant the elementarate certain powers, depending on what the calmoid is charged into. Other alchemists like mixing eleminites of different elements to have new effects.
But, of course, there are limits to these powers. If one alchemist charges one elementarate with four eleminites of one element, it is most probable that the elementarate will become distorted, or unstable, and will get out of control. Only alchemist who excel in the elements can dare to take one elementarate and charge it's four eleminites with one element. Here is what may happen if one alchemist tries to charge an elementarate with four eleminites of the same element.
-Pyrite: The elementarate will just combust into a huge ball of flame, normally burning the alchemist severely.
-Aquite: The elementarate will become unstable, and it shall collapse into a puddle of water, sometimes transforming the limg used by the alchemist into water itself.
-Territe: The elementarate will collapse onto itself, and shall turn anything it touches into stone. Most probably, the alchemist will be touched, and the limb used will be turned into stone.
-Aerite: The elementarate will turn around on itself at enormous speed, and explode, sending the alchemist bolting away at outrageous speed.
Of course, these might differ depending on the experience of one alchemist. But these are warnings only.
Alchemists normally charge elementarates with multiple eleminites of one element, and then the last eleminite with a different element, weakening the elementarate's power.
Charged elementarates can be found near the representative of the eleminite's element. Such as, near a river, one would find already charged territes and aquites. Territes are the most common eleminites, because nature is all around us. Near a city, one would find territes, or calmoids. Near a volcano, one would find territes, and inside of a volcano, one would find territes and pyrites. In wind, there are aerites and calmoids, and sometimes a few territes in it, and very rarey some aquites, since there is humidity. But so little, that one would not be able to use them as charged eleminites.

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Elemental particles.
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