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 SOCIAL life and behavior

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PostSubject: SOCIAL life and behavior   Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:06 am


Depending on the individual, their behavior towards other kuijin or creatures can be aggressive, submissive, welcoming, etc. (and any degree in between) A kuijin may join a pack of wolves and so learn to follow their way of life, or choose a human as a second form and melt into their society. They adapt to the place they live in, wherever it is, and so generalities can't truly be made unless talking about kuijin-kuijin relationships and societies.


There is no official marriage ceremony in the kuijin lifestyle; it is simple taken for granted that two kuijin who decide to be partners will stay so throughout their life, or at least won't take on a new partner if they separate. This unwritten rule is, of course, often broken, but when a kuijin transgresses it and is discovered, he or she is shunned by the whole community.
Another extremely looked down upon practice is 'mixing' or 'hybridizing'. This is when two kuijins with drastically different soul animals (eagle/lion for example) decide to become mates. In previous decades it lead to much blood and grief, since men came to see these hybrids as mythical creatures, often dangerous or with magical properties, which meant they continuously hunted them down ('dragons' were a lizard hybrid and, though they didn't breathe fire, could be very aggressive or territorial because of certain big feline traits they had inherited from one parent). Kuijins have come to see this as a dangerous and dishonorable action for the rest of the community, and usually banish those found guilty of such an act. Consequently, most kuijins mate within the boundaries of their soul species (felines with felines or, at the limit, cat-like creatures; birds with birds, usually similar, such as a falcon/kestrel pairing).
If a mix-pair is not discovered before the birth of the child, also called hybrid, then the newborn may even be killed to protect the rest of the kuijin.

Grouping types.

Kuijins may group into an assortment of different societies, live in simple families either in the wild or integrated into some other animal group, or else lead a life on their own. here are a few possible groupings:
CLANS are groups of almost wild kuijins, still working around the concept of the strongest and smartest being the leader while the rest follow. This kind of group is structured much like a wolf pack, except that it is often bigger (up to twenty or even thirty members, depending on the hunting area) and that the members which do not lead are allowed to mate amongst themselves (though usually with the lead kuijin's permission). These use their morphing ability the least, mostly to change some of their traits so as to gain in speed, strength or agility.
TRIBES are usually tightly-knit groups whose ancestors can be traced back for hundreds of years in the same place or knot of kuijin families. Their knowledge of fauna and flora can be very extensive, but they have not developed many kinds of technologies and so are not considered by other kuijin to be advanced groups. They use their morphing abilities to evolve more easily in a hostile environment, and also to take on the appearance of humans if ever these happen across the tribe (those who have not trained to look like humans instead the shape of different animals from the area). Tribes who have not heard of humans and so have not learned to take their appearance either die out or relocate often, as their camp sites become overrun as soon as they are discovered.
VILLAGES/CITIES are a human-like type of society, with varying degrees of technological advancement and size. These possess things such as shops, static and solid homes, domesticated herds, farming knowledge, a military or at least protective defense organisation... Villages are much more common than cities, of which there are only two or three in the whole world (all of these are very well hidden to escape human eyes, and are commonly placed underground). These kuijin use their morphing abilities the most, particularly if they act as merchants and trade with humans to bring materials or subsistance to the village/city.


Certain kuijins, whether they belong to a clan, a tribe, a village or nothing at all, have abilities which give them a particular role everywhere they go. Particularly skilled morphers are sometimes employed as spies or merchants, as they can go unnoticed within human society. Hermits, who usually live in the wild, often know more about herblore than any other kuijin and so become unofficial healers for the clans and tribes in their area. Homosexuals or partnerless males, since they have no family of their own to care for, commonly act as babysitters for the children of other kuijin, or else are active gatherers/hunters/farmers, depending on the group.
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SOCIAL life and behavior
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