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 Kraferric Anatomy-

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Kraferric Anatomy- Empty
PostSubject: Kraferric Anatomy-   Kraferric Anatomy- EmptyTue May 05, 2009 1:35 pm

As you may all know, the Kraferrs are basically humanoid. They have only few differences between their anatomy and the human anatomy. Amongst their differences, they overall look like a human, except for presence of fur on the arms, legs, on the face (only slightly), chest (not belly), and the presence of a tail and claws on the hands and feet.
Their mouth structure is different from one of a humans'. It is reinforced, and bears great canines, and sharp teeth. The eye composition is different, and not known up until now, but the difference in composition gives it it's red colour.
Here is the example of an adult Kraferr anatomy.
Kraferric Anatomy- Kraferricx
The position of the senses on the face is exactly the same as a humans'. Note the extended arms, reaching out further than the line of the circle. A normal human does not go past this circle. The torso is about the same size as a humans', only bigger. The Kraferric calves are very strong, also. A Kraferr is overall shorter than a human, but weilds better power and strength. It has a better body defence structure.

The insides of a Kraferr is also one of the differences between human and kraferric anatomy. The heart, for example, instead of being at the left side of one kraferrs' chest, like a humans', is located at the center of the chest, thus leaving place for bigger lungs. The rib cage is very well structured, and composes of 26 bones, instead of 24, like the humans (Note that human Kraferr Ones do not have this rib cage change).
Two vertebraes connect the body to the tail of the Kraferr, the second vertebrae in the shape of the last human vertebrae.

--Will be updated if more things come into mind--
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Kraferric Anatomy-
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