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 Giving up the ghost.

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Giving up the ghost. Empty
PostSubject: Giving up the ghost.   Giving up the ghost. EmptyTue Jan 13, 2009 12:58 am

Let;s give up the ghost,
leave it at this.
I can't stand to watch this,
the pain that's harvouring in us because of this.

No, It's not your fault,
Nor is it mine.
So don't go feeling guilty,
We'll be just fine.

I'll watch over them,
make sure they're OK.
But how will you know,
If your gone forvever?

It's been said that love is a many spendid thing,
but it's been nothing but a pain for us.
Making our lives harder,
and more painful to the touch.

It's just this one last thing,
I said I don't blame anyone.
But that doesn't mean,
That I don't disagree with your stupidity.
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Giving up the ghost.
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